HAK Nutrition officially launches Pre and Post HAK with 10% off

hak nutrition

As mentioned last week when we introduced the very new supplement company. Today HAK Nutrition has officially launched its line of products, making both its pre-workout Pre HAK and post-workout Post HAK available for purchase. If you missed our post last week, despite being an all-new brand, both of HAK’s supplements are pretty well packed seeing it stick to its promise of being a high quality, fully transparent brand.

Also as promised last week, HAK has released its two products with a solid introductory deal. Usually Pre HAK would cost you $39.99 direct from the brand’s website, and Post Hak would be $29.99. For just this week however, you can use the exclusive coupon code “STACK3D10OFF” and you’ll save 10%. The deal drops Pre HAK down exactly $4 to $35.99, and Post HAK exactly $3 to $26.99.

The website to go to use the coupon code is haknutrition.com, and as mentioned it is due to expire at the end of this week. Free shipping is also available for any purchases over $50, so if you grab both Pre and Post HAK you’ll qualify.

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