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HAK Nutrition unveils its first 2 products, Pre HAK and Post HAK

hak nutrition

HAK Nutrition is an all-new supplement company we’d like to turn your attention to today, in fact it’s so new it’s not yet available. Over the past few months the brand has been working hard on its formulas and finalizing its look, and today has officially unveiled everything. HAK aims to set itself apart with well-dosed ingredients, full transparency, and high-quality patented ingredients, all things its products reflect.

The new brand is going to be starting out with just two supplements, both of which belong to mainstream categories. The supplements are the pre-workout Pre HAK, and the post-workout Post HAK. As mentioned HAK is also a fully transparent brand, so the two products do have 100% transparent labels.

You can see both of HAK’s formulas in detail on its website with Pre HAK featuring a massive amount of ingredients including 6g of BCAAs, AlphaSize alpha GPC, CarnoSyn, theobromine, and TeaCrine. The combination promises an all-around pre-workout experience with increased energy, focus, and strength. As for Post HAK it’s a slightly simpler supplement compared to Pre HAK, but still a packed post-workout weighing in at a heavy 21g per serving and designed to help with recovery and growth.

pre hak

For now the brand has only introduced itself and its two products, with neither of them available anywhere just yet. In four days time however that is all actually going to change, as HAK is going to be officially launching both Pre HAK and Post HAK this coming Monday. The two are going to be made available for purchase through its website with Pre HAK priced at $39.99 in Raspberry Lemonade and Green Apple, and Post HAK at $29.99 in Peach Mango and Watermelon.

We do suggest checking out HAK’s website at, and be on the look out here come Monday. The brand is expected to have a special introductory deal available for its launch which we will be sharing, and will drop HAK’s already fairly competitive prices a little bit lower.

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