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BPI’s new Keto Bomb packing 20g of MCTs and essential fats

keto bomb

Just a couple of days after unveiling its ketogenic coffee and tea creamer, BPI has revealed all of Keto Bomb’s details and made it available. What’s even more surprising is that the formula behind the supplement is not what we expected, with the brand bringing together a massive ketogenic combination of MCTs and essential fats.

There are really two parts to the Keto Bomb formula, its Electrolyte And Hydration Matrix and its aforementioned 20g Keto Bomb Blend of MCTs and essential fats. The former features 400mg of potassium citrate, and 100mg each of calcium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and sodium chloride to help “maintain hydration and mineral levels”. You then have the ketogenic weight loss fueling 20g blend of sunflower oil powder, CAPTEX branded MCTs, saffron extract, and avocado oil powder.

BPI Keto Bomb

keto bomb

As mentioned BPI has launched Keto Bomb today, with the product now available from its official online store. If you’re interested in picking it up head to, where Keto Bomb is in stock for $39.99 a tub. Each tub packs a total of 18 servings with two flavors to choose from in the previously confirmed Caramel Macchiato and the one we didn’t know about, French Vanilla Latte.

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