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Lecheek Patent Troll preview seems like more of a message

patent troll

The guys over at Lecheek Nutrition have finished off this week with the unveiling of what may look like a new supplement, but actually seems like more of a message. The new supplement has been created under Lecheek’s Insane Labz brand, and is called Patent Troll. While a name like that could be legitimate, when you look a little closer you’ll notice just as we did that as mentioned, Patent Troll seems like more of a message.

The image of Lecheek Patent Troll is filled with a number of interesting messages, although not nearly as many as the words the brand has posted alongside the product.

“We introduce out newest product called Patent Troll. The product features are excellent and can help you become a worthless piece of shit! I know right? It sounds awesome.. You can take this product and simply become scum of the earth and make your living by becoming a leach while making money off of hard working people and using the court system as blackmail. WOW, so you can become a piece of shit in one serving and make money? Absolutely, this product will also give you super strength to beat women and still allow you the strength to sign complaints and lawsuits for no reason. Patent Troll also allows you to be a SUPER PUSSY and hide behind lawyers that get paid on a win only basis. We could go on and on about how great Patent Troll is but we think you get the overall picture.”

If we had to take a guess it sounds like there is something going on behind the scenes with Lecheek involving patents in some way, as the post does make the brand sound extremely frustrated. We don’t know anything about what is or could be going on outside of the well put together Lecheek Patent Troll preview, although feel free to check in with the brand on its rather interesting post on Facebook.

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