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MHP joins forces with Flavor God for a exclusive

flavor gods protein

Following MHP’s release of its latest pre-workout competitor Reckless, has come the release of the first protein powder from the brand’s new line. The supplement now available is MHP’s Super Premium Whey Protein, which we initially thought was quite different because it is a fully transparent protein. Surprisingly there is a little bit more to this one, mostly thanks to one of its three flavors.

Just as a quick breakdown, MHP’s new Super Premium Whey Protein is a blend formula made up of 12g of hydrolyzed whey, 8g of whey isolate, and 5g of whey concentrate, totaling 25g of protein per serving. Where the extra special features come in is with the brand’s addition of a 200mg branched-chain keto acids complex, which is a 2:1:1 ratio blend of alpha-keto-leucine, valine, and isoleucine. MHP has thrown that in there to “reduce protein breakdown and spare anabolic BCAAs for greater growth of muscle mass.”

flavor god protein

The one other interesting feature with Super Premium Whey Protein is as mentioned earlier, one of its three flavors. As well as having Chocolate and Vanilla on its menu, the new MHP product also has a recipe called Gingerbread Cookie. Not only is it the most uncommon option the supplement has, but it’s also been put together with help from Flavor God. If you haven’t come across that one before, Flavor God is a seasoning brand that has more than its fair share of unique flavors such as Jamaican Jerk, Ketchup, and Chocolate Donut seasoning.

With Flavor God involved, you can almost count on Gingerbread Cookie Super Premium Whey Protein being an interesting flavor. If you’d like to give that one a go, there is actually only one place you can get it. MHP’s Gingerbread collaboration is an exclusive to none other than, who does now have stock of Super Premium Whey Protein at $23.99 for 2lbs.

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