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Next Perfect Sports supplement still sounding like a fat burner

perfect sports

Perfect Sports has just released another set of clues for the supplement it started teasing yesterday. The latest from the brand is that fans will definitely be able to “feel the burn” this winter with the product it has coming. Perfect has also included an image of what appears to be a powder tub, suggesting the mystery product will be a flavored formula.

While Perfect Sports’ new clues are still somewhat vague, they continue to keep us thinking the brand is getting ready to release some kind of weight loss supplement. The constant connection to heat really doesn’t suggest anything else, and if the product is indeed a flavored formula that will help set it apart from the brand’s capsule fat burner Burn-FX.

The mystery Perfect Sports supplement is still being promoted for release sometime next month, although judging by the speed we’re getting teasers it’ll probably be unveiled before then.

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