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Perfect Sports

Supplement King also gets a special edition Diesel to celebrate its 100th store

Perfect Sports X Supplement King Diesel

Perfect takes a dual electrolyte and osmolyte approach in its hydration competitor

Perfect Sports Hydrosplash

Perfect Sports offers a much better look at its entry into the competitive hydration space

Perfect Sports Unveils Hydro Splash Supplement

HydroSplash from Perfect Sports will use a world’s first dual hydration technology

Perfect Sports Teases Hydrosplash

Perfect Sports launches its fat burner Sweat Effect after four years of development

Perfect Sports Sweat Effect

Perfect Sports makes another bubble tea-themed taste to go alongside Honeydew Melon

Perfect Sports Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea Diesel

Perfect Sports sells over half a million Diesel Protein Bars in its first day

Successful Launch Of Diesel Protein Bar

New Zealand whey-powered Diesel grows its menu even further with a coffee-themed creation

Perfect Sports Mocha Latte Diesel Protein Powder

Perfect Sports has turned its popular New Zealand whey protein powder into a bar

Perfect Sports Diesel Protein Bar

Honeydew Melon continues Perfect’s spree of flavor extensions for Diesel

Perfect Sports Bubble Milk Tea Honeydew Melon Diesel

Perfect Sports releases its most Canadian flavor to date in line with its 20th anniversary

Perfect Sports Canadian Maple Diesel Protein Powder

Classic Chocolate Mint furthers the already very lengthy lineup of flavors for Diesel

Perfect Sports Chocolate Mint Diesel Protein