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Perfect Sports teases something hot for January

perfect sports

Perfect Sports is a brand that tends to tease new supplements a lot before actually releasing them, something we saw at the beginning of the year with Onset then again in the middle with the pre-workout Go Time. The brand has now started teasing another new product, although it doesn’t look like this one is going to be launched anytime this year.

Perfect Sports’ latest teaser keeps it pretty simple saying “something hot is coming.” The brand does include a few other words although they’re not quite as interesting with a “new product built for perfection.” Based on those clues, we get the feeling that Perfect Sports is getting ready to release some kind of thermogenic fat burner. It is really the word “hot” that leads us to that guess, as when mentioned in relation to supplements “hot” doesn’t usually mean anything else.

As mentioned it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Perfect Sports possible weight loss formula this year, as the mystery product is being promoted with a January launch.

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