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Finaflex takes weight loss up a notch with its new PX Ultra

px ultra

Finaflex has revealed and released its third PX spin-off this week, seeing the regular PX White and PX Black being joined by a new fat burner called PX Ultra. As you’d expect with a name like that, the latest weight loss release from the brand looks like it’s simply a step up from the original.

Surprisingly the new PX Ultra doesn’t actually feature too many of the same ingredients as PX White unlike most spin-off and sequel formulas. In total the weight loss supplement packs 11 different ingredients, 3 of which are from PX White.

The new Finaflex fat burner is made up of two proprietary blends, one for energy and the other for metabolic and focus support. The former is an 880mg blend of caffeine, guayusa, green tea, theanine, theobroma, and TeaCrine theacrine, with the latter packing a 440mg combination of Paradoxine grains of paradise, purple chrysanthemum, yohimbe, alpha GPC, and huperzine A.

Finaflex PX Ultra

px ultra

All together PX Ultra’s 11 ingredients promise to deliver a long list of interesting effects. As well as including the usual increase in energy the product promotes metabolic support, mood enhancement, motivation, overall weight loss, and long lasting energy no doubt thanks to its inclusion of TeaCrine.

According to Finaflex PX Ultra is now out and available in supplement retailers in the one 30 serving size, with the likes of already listing it in preparation for its upcoming arrival.

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