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Body War reformulates its fat burner Shred War with DMHA and theanine

shred war

As the year comes to a close the Australian brand Body War has updated its stimulant powered weight loss supplement Shred War, for all of those enjoying summer down under. While the brand hasn’t really made too many changes to the formula, the few that it has made will most likely be felt by fans.

In terms of total amount of ingredients, Shred War still packs a combination of 12 main features. Of that 12, 10 are actually from the original with most of them getting their doses slightly changed for the reformulation such as 10mg more caffeine, 10mg less higenamine, and 2mg less banaba leaf. Of all the carried over ingredients only two have maintained their amounts with choline at 300mg and hordenine at 80mg.

Body War Shred War (2016 version)

shred war

As for the remaining two ingredients in Body War’s updated Shred War, the previous version’s 220mg of yerba mate and 20mg of theobromine have been removed and replaced by 200mg of theanine and 150mg of DMHA. It is the latter that is likely going to make the biggest difference in the product, as DMHA has proven on more than one occasion that it’s quite reliable when it comes to adding strong energy and focus.

According to Body War its new and improved fat burner was launched earlier this month so those in Australia should already be seeing it in retailers.

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