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MAN unveils its explosive new flavor, Sour Nukes ISO-Amino

sour nukes iso-amino

The best tasting amino supplement on the market has just had another flavor confirmed for its already massive menu. MAN Sports’ ISO-Amino is of course the product we are referring to, which currently comes in 17 different options if you count its three coffee creamer variants. To start this week the brand has unveiled another flavor it has coming soon called Sour Nukes ISO-Amino.

MAN Sports describes its latest amino recipe as a “flavor explosion in your mouth”, with cherry being the base flavor. The new Sour Nukes ISO-Amino is also going to extend the brand’s lead of having the most amino flavors available, taking it to a massive 18.

For now MAN has only unveiled its 18th ISO-Amino, but is saying it’s due to be released very soon. As always the brand is planning on launching Sour Nukes through its insider 1%ers group, with what will no doubt be another lot of great introductory deals. To be one of the first to know when it’s available, make you sure you’re signed up to the group which you can do at

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