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SST V2X focused more on energy just as Performix promised

sst v2x

Performix has launched yet another one of its V2X Series supplements following on from last week when it released ION V2X and ISO V2X back to back at GNC. The product being made available today is the brand’s new fat burner SST V2X, which we previously didn’t know a lot about. Now that the supplement has been launched all of its details have been revealed, including its label confirming what makes it different formula wise from Performix’s other SSTs.

Before we get into SST V2X’s ingredients, it is worth mentioning that the overall goal behind each of the V2X Series products is to pack a harder hitting level of energy than its original. With that in mind it’s no surprise that SST V2X features all the big stimulants from Performix’s original SST and the Iridium Series SSTi, and with pretty solid doses. That includes 300mg of caffeine, 25mg Kinetiq citrus aurantium, 50mg TeaCrine theacrine, 5mg yohimbine HCl, and 5mg of evodiamine, an ingredient not used in SST or SSTi.

Performix SST V2X

sst v2x

The rest of the Performix SST V2X label is made up of 5mg of BioPerine black pepper, and an 850mg Oil Diffusion Carrier Matrix featuring MCTs, safflower extract, d-limonene, ginger extract, and rosemary extract. Overall the new V2X fat burner actually looks like a more energized SST as the brand promised. It puts a lot of focus on energy, with a mix of stimulants that SST and SSTi users should find familiar. SST V2X also includes an Oil Diffusion Carrier Matrix just like SST and SSTi, although with a few extra ingredients.

To get your hands on Performix’s latest V2X Series release, you’ll need to head to the same place it launched its last two from the line, the major retailer GNC. The store is now stocking SST V2X in the one 60 capsule size at $75.99 for Gold Card members and $99.99 for everyone else. It is also worth mentioning that a double size 120 capsule has been confirmed, which will no doubt be more cost-effective than the 60 count, however at the moment it is not yet available.

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