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Super Male T V2X squeezes in the entire SST and Super Male T formulas

super male t v2x

Performix’s fourth and final V2X Series supplement Super Male T V2X, has finally been completely unveiled and released, after the line’s other three arrived a couple of weeks back. The brand has definitely left the most interesting one of the lot to last, as for those that missed our last post on the product, Super Male T V2X is in fact a dual version of Super Male T infused with Performix’s fat burner SST.

When we first heard that the V2X Series Super Male T was going to be both a testosterone booster and a fat burner, we were left with a lot of questions. We were mostly wondering is the supplement exactly how Performix describes, the entire Super Male T formula combined with the entire SST formula? While we were expecting the answer to that question to be no, as it turns out that is exactly what Super Male T V2X is.

super male t v2x

The fourth Performix V2X Series product is made up of two proprietary blends, the Super Male T Performance Complex and the Super Suspension Thermo (SST) Complex. The former believe it or not, carries over every ingredient from the original Super Male T formula, with the exception of BioPerine black pepper, however that is in the supplement just in the other blend. The Super Male T Complex also weighs about the same as it does in the original at 750mg.

Super Male T V2X’s SST Complex is where we move to next, and like the other blend it also features every ingredient from Performix’s original SST formula. From its Sensoril ashwagandha and caffeine to its yohimbine and huperzine A, it’s all in there. We can’t quite tell how similar its blend weight is compared to the original, although based on the order of the ingredients and the fact that the caffeine is dosed the same, we can say it certainly looks similar.

Performix Super Male T V2X

super male t v2x

Based on the label of the new Performix Super Male T V2X, it does seem like fans of the regular Super Male T can look forward to the same testosterone boosting experience. That experience will however have a touch of weight loss involved, enough to probably please SST fans since it does have all of those ingredients in there too. As for how the two formulas will work together in Super Male T V2X, we’d have to try it to find out, although we imagine it’ll be quite the interesting experience.

As mentioned earlier, Performix has both completely unveiled and launched Super Male T V2X today, with the last product from the V2X Series now available from the major retailer GNC. If you head there now you’ll find the testosterone boosting fat burner priced at $179.99 for Gold Card members and $209.99 for everyone else. That is a pretty high price but not too surprising seeing as it’s about the cost of Super Male T and SST which is what Super Male T V2X is.

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