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Adrenal Rush reflavored and given a more contrasting look

adrenal rush v2

Two days ago we said that it doesn’t look like Primeval Labs is going to be losing any momentum anytime soon, something that it’s proven even more true today. Following on from its launch of three new supplements last month, then confirmation of a new flavor to start the new year. Primeval has revealed that its pre-workout is also getting some flavor work done.

According to the brand, it has simply improved the flavoring of its stimulant powered Adrenal Rush V2. We’re not entirely certain if that means any of the product’s current options are going to be swapped out or anything, although Primeval has confirmed at least one new addition to the menu with Arctic Cherry.

Fans of the pre-workout also won’t need to worry about losing their favorite formula, as one of the brand’s main concerns was keeping its effectiveness similar or the same. You may however need to keep an eye out when the updated supplement arrives, as it will have a slightly different look due to a few color changes.

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