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Core swaps turmeric for Celadrin in Core Flex Powder

core flex powder

Following last week’s confirmation of the exact date Core Nutritionals plans on launching its flavored joint support spin-off, Core Flex Powder. The brand has been kind enough to pass on the official label for the upcoming supplement. As mentioned previously there isn’t too much difference with the flavored version, just the removal of one main ingredient.

We’ve added the official Core Flex Powder label below where you can see for yourself that everything from the original capsule formula is in the powder at the same dose, except for one ingredient. The feature that’s been removed due to it being difficult to flavor, is the product’s half a gram of turmeric. Core however hasn’t just taken out something, it’s replaced it with a new ingredient, adding in 1.5g of the branded Celadrin.

Core Flex Powder

core flex powder

Core fans can look forward to seeing Core Flex Powder available next week, with the brand aiming to release it on Monday the 9th of January. Like all new Core supplements, the flavored joint formula is going to be introduced through the brand’s own website, where you can almost guarantee you’ll be able to get it with free accessories, samples, and possibly shipping as well.

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