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Grenade’s US Defend BCAA makes its way to the UK and Europe

defend bcaa

Last year Grenade finally brought its UK and Europe amino supplement Defend to the US, reformulating and relaunching it as Defend BCAA. The brand has now taken that updated product and also introduced in the UK and Europe. Grenade hasn’t really changed anything in the supplement for the release, seeing Defend BCAA hold on to all of its main ingredients.

Fans of the brand in the UK and Europe get everything that makes the US Defend BCAA what it is, with 7g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, a gram of glutamine, and half a gram of coconut water. Also mixed in with that 7g of BCAAs and gram of glutamine is 100mg each of Pepform leucine and Pepform glutamine.

Those in the area can already grab the new Defend BCAA direct from Grenade’s UK and Europe stores at The product comes in the one 30 serving size, and one less flavor compared to the US version with Green Apple and Strawberry Mango.

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