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Introducing the Dough Bar and its delicious protein packed doughnuts

the dough bar

The Dough Bar is a very unique company that is probably going to make you want to order just by looking at pictures of its products. Basically, the brand makes incredibly delicious looking, high protein doughnuts. Now when we say delicious looking, we mean enough to make your mouth water.

The trick with the Dough Bar’s line-up isn’t so much that it makes healthy baked doughnuts, but the flavors it has available are extremely creative. Some of its best creations include Honey which comes covered in teddy bear grahams, Cookies & Creme with real Oreo crumbles, Birthday Cake made with Buff Bake’s Birthday Cake butter, and Nutella with Kit Kat crumbles.

the dough bar

The Dough Bar also has a handful of limited batch flavors with the likes of Chocolate Swirl, the Junkbanter pack, S’Mores, and the Valentine’s Day pack featuring an exclusive Red Velvet doughnut with real Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bits.

For those interested in the nutrition numbers, the doughnut itself is exactly the same in each flavor with the glaze being the only thing changes. The Dough Bar’s doughnut obviously packs the bulk of the macros with 11g of protein, 16g of carbs with 2g of that fiber and 3g sugar, 4g of fat, and a total of 150 calories.

the dough bar

As for the extra glaze macros, they do obviously vary from flavor to flavor. A few examples would be the Cookies & Creme which has an extra 37 calories, Cookie Monster with an extra 41 calories, and the Honey with teddy Grahams adding only 28 more calories.

If you’d like to give any of the Dough Bar’s mouth-watering creations a go you can place an order through its website, and it’ll ship the following Monday. As you’d imagine the prices on the doughnuts do vary costing around 15 to $16 for a 4 pack with doughnut holes included, or you can go as high as the 12 piece variety packs at $39.

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