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Gold Standard Complete Pack a lot more worthwhile with 30% off

gold standard complete pack

Back when Optimum Nutrition first launched its Gold Standard Complete Pack in celebration of its 30th Birthday, it wasn’t price too competitively. While it did come with a limited edition, celebratory shaker, the combination of Gold Standard Whey (2lb), Pre-Workout, and BCAA didn’t really make it worth its $109.99 price tag.

Optimum Nutrition is now running a sale through its website on the Gold Standard Complete Pack, that actually makes it worth picking up. For an unknown amount of time, the four-piece box set is on sale with 30% off, dropping it all the way down to $76.99. That’s a discount of $33, which is significantly better value.

Basically if you’re an Optimum fan you might want to take a look at this one. It works out to about $25 a supplement if you count the shaker free, or if you calculate it based on the shaker’s package value of $15, it’s about $20 a supplement.

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