Grenade killed 2016 with delicious new Carb Killas and creative products

Jan 10, 2017 | Grenade
grenade carb killa

When it comes to a list of the top brands of 2016, you really can’t go past Grenade who well and truly dominated the year. It didn’t exactly release any game changing formulas, where it excelled was with creativity and innovation. The UK brand kicked it all off around February with a stimulant free spin-off of its fat burner Thermo Detonator, then from there it was pretty much non-stop.

It wasn’t too long after its stimulant free weight loss competitor was unveiled that three more flavors for its fast growing protein bar Carb Killa were named. Grenade introduced Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Crunch, and the flavor that went on to become the best of them all, the Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme like White Chocolate Cookie. It was around that time that US fans were also finally treated to their second Carb Killa flavor with Chocolate Cream.

killa coffee

The action and innovation for Grenade picked back up again in June when it unleashed its first RTD formula, the naturally sweetened Diet Protein. That was then quickly followed up with the unveiling of another drinkable product from the brand, with the delicious and extremely low calorie, high protein Killa Coffee.

Heading into the second half of the year Grenade kept its momentum going by adding yet another flavor to its Carb Killa menu with White Chocolate Mocha. A month later in September, the brand then dropped something quite special for fans of its pre-workout .50 Calibre, giving them 50% extra tubs costing the same as regular 20 servings and a limited edition Fireball flavor.

banana armor carb killa

As exciting as the year had been Grenade up until September, it was definitely the last three months that it came through with all the big surprises. The brand rounded out 2016 with two major releases, both creative and delicious. First was the Banana Armour Carb Killa, Grenade’s first fruit flavored protein bar which ended up becoming our second favorite on the Carb Killa menu, and proved that the brand could really make a hit out of anything.

Following the banana flavored bar, Grenade kept the attention on Carb Killa by turning it into a series with an RTD version simply named the Carb Killa Shake. That was the brand’s last release for the year, although it did end up teasing its ninth Carb Killa flavor to finish 2016. That one turned out to be Grenade’s highly anticipated chocolate peanut effort called Peanut Nutter, a flavor that unsurprisingly did not disappoint.

carb killa shake

Killa year for Grenade

Overall, 2016 was just an incredible year for Grenade. It kept fans excited and interested with a string of new releases, that were pretty evenly spread out across the 12 months. If the brand wasn’t launching something it was getting ready to, and if it didn’t have anything to launch, it was getting ready to tease or unveil something exciting.

To top it all off, all of Grenade’s products were either well reviewed such as the White Chocolate Cookie and Banana Armor Carb Killas, or they were unique like Killa Coffee and Fireball .50 Calibre. It’s now on to 2017 for Grenade, a year we can only hope is filled with even more delicious Carb Killa flavors and creative releases we don’t see coming.