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GrowLIFT joins TuffnTiny’s creative BULKmon Series


The creative team over at TuffnTiny has just launched another addition to its consistently growing Pokemon inspired BULKemon clothing series. Just like all of its other releases, the brand’s follow-up to BIGlett from earlier this month features a generation one Pokemon with the Growlithe inspired GrowLIFT.

The new design has the fire type up on two legs, attempting to curl enough weight to make the bar bend. Anyone interested in purchasing the latest BULKemon entry, can now pre-order GrowLIFT from TuffnTiny’s website in either a tee, tank, or women’s racerback, with all three priced at $19.99 each.

Pre-orders are expected to ship in the first week of next month, so you won’t be waiting long if you do decide to purchase.

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