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ION V2X Review: Good energy and focus, but not much else

ion v2x review

When Performix launched its first ever pre-workout ION quite some time ago, we actually got a chance to try it almost immediately. We weren’t actually disappointed at all with the supplement, as it delivered a fairly solid combination of energy and focus. Its price made it a bit difficult to take, but it was certainly effective. We recently got a hold of another Performix pre-workout shortly after it was launched to bring you today’s ION V2X review.

Before we get into how ION V2X performs in the gym, we are going to go over what it’s meant to do. Basically like all of the products in Performix’s V2X Series, ION V2X has been designed to be the most intense pre-workout in the brand’s line-up when it comes to energy and focus. It doesn’t really promise too much outside of that, although on the tub itself it does say it’ll enhance muscle endurance, which is what we call increased performance.

ion v2x review

Relentless energy and focus

We can honestly say that Performix’s latest pre-workout effort does indeed follow through on its two main promises. It delivers a strong, intense level of energy and good focus. The energy doesn’t exactly come rushing over you once you’ve thrown back its maximum of one serving, it’s more of a gradual effect. Once it’s made into your system though it’ll give you enough energy to take on every exercise you throw at it and then some.

The energy does also last an impressively long time, as despite it taking quite a while to get going, it’ll stay in your body for a good hour after you’ve finished working out. The same goes for ION V2X’s other major effect, its mental focus. That one comes over you in the same way the energy does, fairly slowly, but once it’s built up it makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

ion v2x review

ION V2X’s focus gives you a real mental drive type effect, where it just keeps your mind on the workout at hand and nothing else. It helps you focus on giving your all during the sets it’s kicked in for, and then once you’re on to the next one it encourages you to really push yourself and go heavier or longer even when you don’t feel capable.

The V2X pre-workout is essentially a solid energy and focus formula. There is some of the promised endurance in there, however it doesn’t quite carry you when you try to maintain an intense level of lifting. Instead, it seems to help more with getting your body to perform at a relatively good level, consistently. Basically if you try to push your body to exhaustion, ION V2X won’t exactly stop you.

Like C4 Ultimate without performance

The whole ION V2X experience kind of reminds us of Cellucor’s new C4 Ultimate. It features a very similar level of effects, with equally strong energy and focus, although its performance side isn’t anywhere near the level of C4 Ultimate. The even bigger issue with ION V2X is that it lacks any kind of pump enhancing effect. While Performix does have a separate pump formula you can stack with it to take care of that, when you’re paying as much as this one costs it’d be nice for it to cover all of the bases.

ion v2x review

Good energy and focus, but needs more

Overall ION V2X is effective, and most importantly of all it does what it says. It packs a truly relentless amount of energy with heightened mental focus, and endurance that will make you perform above normal for an entire workout, but not at the level of the likes of C4 Ultimate where you can go intense for an entire workout.

If you’re a fan of any of Performix’s other ION supplements, then we definitely think you’ll enjoy ION V2X as it is the brand’s most intense pre-workout to date. If however you’re a fan of anything from our top 10 list such as DVST8 White Cut or PNI Prodigy, then stick with them. While ION V2X does work and have a strong amount of energy and focus, it doesn’t quite compare to the power of any DMHA pre-workouts. The likes of DVST8 White Cut is also even further away as it delivers a complete experience with energy, focus, pump, and increased performance.

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