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MAN Sports puts together a flavored Scorch for Australia

scorch powder

MAN Sports has confirmed that it’s put together a flavored version of its capsule weight loss formula Scorch, exclusively for Australia. For those that didn’t know, the country has slightly different rules for powders compared to capsules, so to get around it all brands simply just make powder versions.

We’ve yet to see the label behind MAN’s flavored Scorch, so we can’t confirm if it has the same formula as the original capsule version. Either way the new supplement is soon going to be available down under via the brand’s Australian partner Muscle Worx, as well as Supplement Mart locations.

From what we know those in the area are going to be able to get MAN’s Scorch powder in the one massive 75 serving size, with at least one flavor on its menu in Strawberry Kiwi.

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