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Neuro FX designed to increase energy and focus at any time of the day

neuro fx

Over the past few months we’ve seen BSN launch a handful of entirely new supplements, most of which came from its slightly more complex Edge Series. The brand is now getting ready to release a product that’s actually not for that line, and is going to see BSN enter an all-new category.

The name of the new item we’ve got details on today is Neuro FX, a supplement designed to give you the mental edge with effects like energy and a better mind to muscle connection. The product is basically the brand’s focus competitor, which comes packed with over 10 different ingredients.

The formula making up BSN’s upcoming Neuro FX includes a gram of glycine, 400mg acetyl-l-carnitine, 160mg turmeric, 100mg each of caffeine, theanine, and longan extract. A 100mg resVida blend of grape seed, grape skin, and trans-resveratrol, 50mg each of NeuroFactor coffee fruit concentrate, AlphaSize alpha GPC, and Cognizin citicoline, and lastly 10mg each of black pepper and toothe clubmoss.

BSN Neuro FX

neuro fx

The rather large variety of Neuro FX ingredients does in fact promise to deliver a fairly complete experience, with an interesting list of effects. As well as promoting the previously mentioned energy and better mind to muscle connection, BSN also promotes Neuro FX with increased mood, enhanced concentration, and of course overall focus.

When it comes to the launch of BSN’s latest caffeinated formula, all we really know at the moment is that it is expected to be arriving sometime within the near future. When it does eventually hit shelves you’ll have three 30 servings to choose from in Cranberry Orange, Tropical Punch, and Orange. The brand is also saying that Neuro FX can be used at any time of the day for a boost of energy and focus, and for a workout fans can stack it with its stimulant free pre-workout Pumped Edge.

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