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New version of Havok could be up next from American Metabolix

american metabolix havok

The top rated company American Metabolix has just dropped its first teaser in a very long time, for its next new supplement release. The teaser keeps pretty much everything about the product hidden, giving us just a few letters of its name, its category, and an overall tub weight.

Based on what we can see, it looks like the upcoming American Metabolix supplement is going to be a pre-workout. We can also see a few of the letters in its name with “OK”, which more than suggests we’re possibly in for a new version of the brand’s current pre-workout competitor, Havok.

The only other detail we have is the mystery product’s tub weight of 385g, working out to a fairly heavy 13g per serving if each tub packs the usual 30 servings. Definitely stay tuned for more information, as American Metabolix is expected to be unveiling its next supplement tomorrow, which will include its complete list of ingredients.

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