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Nutrakey teases what looks like 11 basic supplements


Nutrakey has a special announcement planned for February, which this week it’s dropped a teaser for. The image doesn’t really give us any exact details, but despite being blurred out we do still get a bit of an idea on what the special announcement might involve. The image clearly features a collection of supplements, that all appear to be branded very much the same.

From what we can count, Nutrakey is teasing 11 products in its mystery image, with no idea on whether or not that’s 11 different supplements or various sizes, versions, and/or flavors of fewer. Our guess is, if the brand plans on unveiling or at least launching all 11 items in its teaser at the same time, then they’re probably not complex formulas such as a pre-workout, fat burner, or amino.

Our guess at the 11 mystery Nutrakey products is that they’re all basic, with things like creatine, glutamine, and BCAAs. Fans of the brand will know it does already have a lot of your typical essential type formulas, meaning if the 11 items being teased are indeed basic, they’ll probably be more on the uncommon side.

We’ll have more information on the 11 supplements as we get closer to February, which as mentioned is when Nutrakey plans on either completely unveiling all of them or revealing as well as releasing the lot.

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