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Peanut Nutter Carb Killa Review: Grenade has yet another top flavor

peanut nutter carb killa review

Hot off the release of Grenade’s ninth protein bar flavor, today we have our Peanut Nutter Carb Killa review. As expected the brand has once again come through with another memorable effort, making the product’s already solid reputation that much stronger. Peanut Nutter isn’t exactly the best Carb Killa we’ve had, but just like its other eight flavors, it’s not one you’re going to want to put down.

peanut nutter carb killa review

A lot like Caramel Chaos

From the second you unwrap the Peanut Nutter Carb Killa, you know it’s going to be delicious as its chocolatey smell is just as powerful as all of Grenade’s other chocolate efforts. The strong scent gives the new bar a bit of familiarity, however once you bite into it, it’s a little bit too familiar.

Despite being a completely different flavor, Peanut Nutter does actually taste a lot like the very first Carb Killa, Caramel Chaos. It oozes caramel, which mixes deliciously with the bar’s incredibly sweet chocolate coating, just like Caramel Chaos. Where it sets itself apart is with a sprinkling of real peanuts in the caramel layer, helping the bar deliver on its title flavor.

peanut nutter carb killa review

Light but rich peanut flavor

Grenade has combined Carb Killa’s delicious chocolate caramel base with a somewhat fair, but real and rich peanut flavor. It’s certainly not overpowering like we’ve seen in most chocolate peanut protein bars, although still enough to call Peanut Nutter a strong competitor.

The Carb Killa’s signature chocolate and caramel mix does once again help the bar feel like a legitimate chocolate bar, with the addition of the light peanut flavor making it taste like a less intense Snickers bar when chomping down a mouthful. We feel it could do with a bit more peanut flavor, although just like the other Carb Killas, Peanut Nutter is another bar you’ll find difficult to put down.

peanut nutter carb killa review

As good as Dark Chocolate Mint

If we had rank Grenade’s latest protein bar effort, it doesn’t quite top either of our two favorites, White Chocolate Cookie or Banana Armor. For us, it’s just a little behind the dark chocolate treat, Dark Chocolate Mint. Peanut Nutter is definitely a flavor we’d happily try again, but not one we’d recommend if you’re hoping for an intense chocolate peanut experience.

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