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Performix confirms the exact doses of Pro Gainer’s free form aminos

performix pro gainer

Back when we posted all of the details on Performix’s new mass protein formula Pro Gainer, on Thursday. We actually got contacted by quite a few people all asking the same kind of question. They all seemed to want to know if the aminos listed on the gainer’s label were from protein (naturally occurring), added free form aminos, or a combination of both?

We reached out to Performix to get the answer, which is what we have here for you today. Basically the aminos listed on Pro Gainer’s label are a combination of naturally occurring and added free form aminos. Its label is a lot like that of the testosterone boosting protein the brand unveiled on Thursday with Pro Whey Super Male T, however unlike Pro Gainer that supplement lists the sources of its aminos.

performix pro gainer

Performix has also been kind enough to confirm exactly how much of Pro Gainer’s aminos are free form, allowing us to calculate how much is from protein. According to the brand, of the product’s 7g of glutamine, 2.5g comes from protein and the other 4.5g is what’s been added in on top. As for Pro Gainer’s 7g of leucine, 5g of that is naturally occurring and the other 2g is free form.

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