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Pumpkin Pie Her Whey only available while stocks last

pumpkin pie her whey

While the brand may be a lot later than all the other supplement companies that dropped the seasonal flavor. NLA has started the new year with the launch of a pumpkin flavor for its NLA for Her protein powder, Her Whey. The supplement did in fact get a new flavor not that long ago with Blueberry Muffin in November of last year.

Now available for NLA’s women’s protein is Pumpkin Pie, which unlike any of the other Her Whey flavors isn’t going to be around forever. The latest release from the brand is a limited edition effort and is only going to be available while stocks last. If you’d like to try the flavor there is just one place you can get it, and that is NLA’s own website where it’ll cost you $44.99 a tub.

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