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Pyretic Review: Stimulant like results without stimulants

pyretic review

When it comes time to pick a supplement or supplements for a weight loss phase, stimulant powered formulas are generally the way to go. They give you an extra energy boost when you need it most, speed up metabolism, enhance thermogenesis, decrease appetite, and a long list of other effects. The only real problem is those that don’t like stimulants or don’t want to use them, don’t have an equally effective option, until now.

Over the past couple of months we’ve been putting Primeval Labs’ stimulant free fat burner Pyretic to the test to see if it’s as good as it sounds. It turns out while the product doesn’t give you that intense boost in energy or thermogenic enhancement like stimulant powered formulas, it does still deliver results that are just as impressive.

Results with zero feeling

Being a stimulant free supplement Pyretic doesn’t exactly give you anything you can feel, unless of course you count the enjoyment from the changes you see in the mirror and/or on the scales. This one is kind of difficult to explain purely because the experience is almost seamless. You won’t really feel any different in the gym or during your day to day life, but again you will see results.

pyretic review

The one thing we always say about effective stimulant weight loss products is that they amplify the effort you put in. If you just take them and don’t even attempt to diet or exercise, you won’t get anything out of them. If however you do what needs to be done, they’ll increase your results seeing you drop more than expected or get you into shape sooner than you were hoping. That is exactly what Primeval Labs Pyretic does.

Burn fat without increased energy

The supplement kind of reminds us of Omega Sports’ classic Burn24, which also boosted results despite not having any effects that you can feel. It’s products like Pyretic that reinforce the fact that just because you get a kick or hit of energy, doesn’t mean something is helping you burn fat.

pyretic review

While results will vary from person to person due to factors like your weight, how much you have to lose, and what you’re doing. Across the two months our reviewers were on Pyretic, they felt that in early weeks they were losing around 50% more than expected. That percentage did get lower as they progressed, but in the end it helped achieve results that would usually take two and half to three months, in about 25% less time.

New go-to for weight loss

The best way to find out what Primeval Labs’ Pyretic can do for you, as always is for you to try it yourself. It definitely amplified results enough for us to say it’s an incredibly effective supplement, and one that’s going to be our go-to moving forward. If we had to compare Pyretic against the effectiveness of stimulant fat burners, it’s impressively just behind the best out there and beats most above average competitors.

The other big highlight of Pyretic is that since it doesn’t feature any stimulants you can use pre-workouts, or any other stimulant powered product while dragging yourself through a weight loss phase. That’s certainly a benefit for all of those pre-workout addicts, or even those that want to push things as far as they can and stack Pyretic with a stimulant powered fat burner.

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