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Rio Crunch Review: Bridge between the Bahia Bar and your typical protein bar

rio crunch review

Earlier this week we reviewed Got7 Nutrition’s incredibly delicious, Kit Kat like Bahia Bar. The product is almost too good to be true and is the most candy bar like bar we’ve ever had from a supplement company. Today we’ve got another snack from the innovative European brand to review, with its more protein friendly Chocolate Rio Crunch.

99 calories per bar

For those that haven’t seen the nutrition label behind Got7’s Rio Crunch, it kind of sits in between the Bahia Bar and your traditional protein bar. It’s a rather small 20g chocolate covered, wafer stick, packing a light 4g of protein with 5.6g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, 6.8g of fat (3.4g saturated), and a low 99 calories. As you can see it’s not the best product macro wise, but it’s certainly good enough to be considered a healthy treat.

rio crunch review

Wafer filled experience

While it may look somewhat similar to the very delicious Bahia Bar, after tasting Got7’s Rio Crunch first hand we can tell you it is a very different product. Overall it’s a mostly wafer filled experience, with the outer chocolate layer being a lot thinner than it looks. Instead of being able to sink your teeth into the hard looking chocolate, you go right through it and immediately get into the wafer center.

As disappointing as the chocolate outer is, that’s really the only thing you can be disappointed with in the Rio Crunch. Once you get over that you can truly take in the bar, which is quite an airy wafer experience, but it does still manage to get across a good amount of strong chocolate flavor. When you chew it all in your mouth that’s when the taste comes to life, delivering a mix of sweet chocolate and crispy wafer layers. It does have a touch of that traditional doughy type protein bar finish, although that only hangs around for the last second or two.

rio crunch review

Got7 delivers again

We definitely wouldn’t say it tastes better than the Bahia Bar, however overall we can confirm that the Rio Crunch is easily another Got7 supplement that delivers. It isn’t as delicious as the brand’s images make it look, but once you bite into it you won’t want to stop. As mentioned earlier, nutrition wise it does sit in between the likes of the Bahia Bar and your typical protein bar. The same can be said for its taste, as it is a bit like a candy bar with its chocolate sweetness and a bit like a protein bar with its somewhat boring wafer center.

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