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Functional food innovator Got7 Nutrition disappears from the internet

Got7 Nutrition Disappears From The Internet

It wasn’t long ago that Got7 Nutrition dropped a flurry of delicious, better-for-you treats and healthy protein snacks, including the likes of Brownie Cookies, Protein Pralines, and the inclusion-filled protein powder Chunky Whey Protein. Since then, we haven’t heard or seen any updates or developments from the brand, although something has changed that will certainly be of interest to its loyal fans and frequent customers.

We’re not sure when this all happened, but if you head to Got7 Nutrition’s online store or even look up its Instagram page, they are no more. The well-followed Instagram account appears to have been removed completely, and the brand’s website now redirects to More Nutrition. The Quality Group, or TQG, is an owner of Got7 Nutrition as well as the owner of other major European brands such as ESN, Vayu, and More Nutrition.

Knowing TQG owns Got7 Nutrition makes sense as to why the reputable functional food company’s online store is redirecting to More Nutrition; however, that has been the case for some time. We’re not sure what’s happened, but again, you can no longer purchase Got7 Nutrition’s tasty products from or expect to see any updates from the brand on Instagram; in fact, if you look on your following list, it’s no longer there.

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