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Sour Nukes gets a much better bundle deal at Campus Protein

sour nukes iso-amino

Earlier this week MAN Sports second exclusive ISO-Amino flavor arrived at Campus Protein, with the Warheads inspired recipe Sour Nukes. The product wasn’t introduced with a massive deal or anything, but you could get a free MAN water bottle with every tub of ISO-Amino purchased. A few days later the retailer has now put together a much better promotion that is just for Sour Nukes.

Instead of paying $19.99 for a full-size, 30 serving tub of the Campus Protein exclusive ISO-Amino, you can pay $37 for two and get yourself one of MAN’s awesome metal shakers. The accessory usually costs $10, so you’re technically getting the Sour Nukes ISO-Aminos for about $14 each. To take advantage of the deal, simply find and add the retailer’s Sour Nukes Bundle to your cart at

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