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Albutarex V2 gets DMHA and ALCAR for a slightly stronger version

albutarex v2 dmha

A while back Mutated Nation introduced a significantly stronger version of its flavored fat burner Albutarex called Albutarex V2. The sequel supplement is promoted as being 2.5 times stronger, presumably compared to the original. The brand has now launched a slightly even stronger version which is simply being referred to as Albutarex V2 with DMHA.

Just as the name of the latest Mutated Nation product suggests, the slightly stronger Albutarex V2 has been infused with DMHA for extra energy and focus, as well as acetyl-l-carnitine for better weight loss. Those in Australia can already find the DMHA powered Albutarex V2 at the likes of Rock Hard Supplements, where the added ingredients don’t add anything to the product’s price.

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