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GNC exclusive four product series on the way from BPI Sports

bpi sports

BPI Sports has dropped a teaser for what definitely looks like it’s going to be an interesting release. The teaser is for a new line the brand plans on launching exclusively through the retailer GNC. We don’t know the name of the upcoming series, but we do know it will be made up of four different supplements.

We have actually been told the categories of the four products in the GNC exclusive line which are pre-workout, amino, weight loss, and testosterone. To add to that BPI has also said that each supplement will be at least a 2 (or more) in 1 formula, meaning they’ll all have two or more benefits such as something like a fat burning pre-workout or muscle building vitamin.

More information on the upcoming BPI series is expected to be dropped later this week, which will hopefully bring more product details or at the very least previews. The new line is also not too far away from being released, with all four supplements expected to be officially launched on Wednesday the 15th of this month.

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