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BPI’s 2-in-1 Testex designed as a lean and hard muscle gainer

bpi testex

BPI Sports promotes the testosterone booster Testex from its new GNC exclusive series, as a 2-in-1 product designed specifically for men. It promises to support natural testosterone levels, increase lean mass, and boost sex drive. BPI Testex aims to do all of that with just six main ingredients, which are separated into two proprietary blends.

The first blend in BPI Testex is a 510mg combination of eucommia extract, dioscorea nipponica makino added to increase DHEA by 100%, stringing nettle root, and cucumis melo fruit to help increase glucose metabolism and performance. As for the supplement’s other blend, that is the 250mg Liposomal Delivery System included to enhance absorption and made up of phosphatidylserine and phytosterol.

BPI Testex

bpi testex

The doses mentioned above are all from a single BPI Testex capsule, with a total of 60 in each bottle. While that does work out to 60 single capsule servings, the product does direct users to take it twice a day, so it will still last you the usual 30 days. Testex is due to be released sometime over the next few weeks, and will of course only be available at its exclusive retailer, GNC.

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