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Buff Bake Protein Cookie Review: Chocolate Donut not as good as it looks

buff bake protein cookie review

The last time we had some of Buff Bake’s Protein Cookies, we don’t remember them being all that bad. In fact we’re almost certain they went relatively quickly here, with the chocolate chip filled flavors going down rather well. Recently however we got our hands on the brand’s two new flavors, neither of which turned out to be as pleasant.

The Buff Bake Protein Cookies we decided to purchase for review were Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Donut. At first glance, they both look pretty damn delicious, especially Chocolate Donut with its sprinkle topped white icing. Once you bite into them though, that first impression quickly goes out the window.

Chocolate Donut

The flavor we like the least out of the two is Chocolate Donut, which is surprising because it looks the nicest. The biggest issue we had with this one is that the cookie itself, is extremely chewy. The consistency of it all tastes a lot like a doughy chocolate protein bar, that you’re only eating because it’s convenient, not because it actually tastes that great.

buff bake protein cookie review

Buff Bake’s Chocolate Donut does add a little bit of excitement to the experience with its iced top, although it doesn’t quite do enough to save the flavor. The icing layer isn’t really that thick or sweet, so when you take a bite with that in it, the doughy chocolate flavor isn’t at all affected. The only real change is that you have something other than chewy cookie in your mouth.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

As for Chocolate Chocolate Chip, this one is a lot more like what we remember Buff Bake’s Protein Cookies tasting like. The flavor does still have that thick, time-consuming cookie body to get through, however unlike with Chocolate Donut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip features chocolate chips throughout that make it something you can enjoy.

buff bake protein cookie review

The flavor could definitely do with a few more chocolate chips, as some parts of it don’t have anywhere near enough. Based on the best cookie we got our box, Chocolate Chocolate Chip isn’t too bad, but still much better than Chocolate Donut.

Buff Bake’s latest not competitive

Overall, both Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Donut aren’t quite as good as we remember Buff Bake’s Protein Cookies being. In saying that the others aren’t exactly the best on the market, although they are bearable, which is more than we can say for Chocolate Donut. We’re not sure if it’s because the two are Buff Bake’s first chocolate flavored or at least brown colored cookies, either way the new flavors just don’t taste as good.

Compared to our current favorite, Quest’s Protein Cookie, the latest Buff Bake flavors aren’t really that competitive. Not only do they not compare well taste-wise, but you might also like the Quest competitor’s macros a little better with 3g less protein, 3g more fat, 80 less calories, and less than a gram of sugar.

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