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Buff Bake returns with bags of bite-sized cookies that are keto-friendly

buff bake keto cookie bites

The last time we heard from the functional brand Buff Bake was back in the middle of 2019 with its keto-friendly snack, the Fuel Bar, which is high in fat and protein, and low in net carbohydrates. Almost two years on from that, Buff Bake is back in the news this week with another fresh new functional food, and like the Fuel Bar, it’s for the keto side of the market.

Buff Bake has revealed and released Keto Cookie Bites, a bag of bite-sized cookies that are high in fat and low in net carbohydrates but also low in protein. Each relatively large, 64g bag of Keto Cookie Bites provides 4 to 6g of protein, 26 to 32g of fat, a gram of sugar, a total of 20g of carbohydrates with 1 to 2g of net carbohydrates, and a calorie count of 140 to 160.

As mentioned, Buff Bake’s Keto Cookie Bites are indeed a keto-friendly snack, promising a sweet, cookie-like treat, made with an almond base and other key ingredients such as butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips. The brand has launched the product in three traditional cookie flavors with Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, and of course, a classic, Chocolate Chip.

You can grab any or all three Keto Cookie Bites from Buff Bake’s website at the relatively high price of $13.99 for three bags, which is $4.66 each, or the slightly better $26.99 for six bags at $4.49 each.

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