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Top tasting ISO-Amino just $13 a tub at Nutraplanet

cheap iso-amino

Since it arrived, MAN Sports delicious ISO-Amino has been the best tasting amino formula on the market. Even after all these years it still has the title, and at the rate the brand seems to be adding new creative flavors to the supplement, it probably won’t be dethroned for quite some time.

Another thing ISO-Amino has got going for it is cost-effectiveness. Because MAN has kept it as simple as you can get for its formula, featuring just BCAAs, the product doesn’t have a very high price. That value gets even better when sales come along, like the one we’re highlighting today from Nutraplanet.

This week the online retailer has launched an ISO-Amino three pack for only $39.99. That works out to one of the best prices we’ve ever seen for the supplement at an incredible $13.33 per tub. Nutraplanet also doesn’t sell you short on flavors, as it has 12 to choose from for the three pack and they don’t all have to be the same.

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