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Where to get Inspired’s highly anticipated DVST8 Crimson

dvst8 crimson

Earlier this week Inspired’s highly anticipated DVST8 Crimson finally arrived, bringing with it a full reveal of its label. If you’re like us and eager to get your hands on the new pre-workout supplement as soon as possible, there are currently quite a few ways you can get.

Firstly there is our giveaway that we’ve been running for the past week and half, where we have 12 full-size tubs of DVST8 Crimson up for grabs. That contest is made even better by the fact that anyone can enter regardless of where you are in the world, as it is an international giveaway.

If however, you’re not feeling lucky you now purchase DVST8 Crimson from a number of locations. One of those places is the brand’s online store, which actually has an introductory sale on at the moment. If you move quick you can use the coupon code “LOVESTANDARD” on Inspired’s website, getting you 30% discount and dropping the powerful pre-workout down to just $27.99.

The third and final way to get DVST8 Crimson is for those of you who aren’t feeling lucky or aren’t going to be able to take advantage of Inspired’s introductory sale. If that includes you, simply bookmark the major retailer Suppz. That is one of, if not the only online store already stocking DVST8 Crimson, and for a pretty good price at $35 a tub.

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