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Genius unveils its full disclosure protein powder Genius Protein

genius protein

The second of three upcoming supplements from Genius has been unveiled, just a few days after we were officially introduced to the energy infused amino Genius BCAA. The other product now confirmed to be coming soon from the brand is the protein powder, obviously named Genius Protein.

Genius appears to be going that one step further for its upcoming protein competitor and promoting it as a fully disclosed supplement. If that means what we think it does, when it arrives Genius Protein will join the very small list of 100% transparent proteins on the market, which consists of products like Ghost Whey and MAN’s Clean Protein.

The only other detail we have for Genius Protein outside of the fact that it’s going to have a full disclosure formula, is that each tub will weigh in at 2lbs, and come in at least one flavor with Lean Coco. You can also count on seeing more of this one soon, as the protein is expected to be released sometime over the next month or so.

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