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Genius Brand introduces a better-dosed and stronger-value hydration supplement

Genius Brand Genius Hydrate

The hydration category is welcoming another entrant this week, and it’s a solid one, coming from a reputable sports nutrition company that actually has plenty of experience in the area of electrolytes and hydration as it has tackled the space previously. We are talking about the orange and white competitor Genius Brand and its latest innovation, Genius Hydrate, featuring a premium and well-put-together formula purely designed to improve and comprehensively support hydration, performance, and recovery.

Genius Brand’s Genius Hydrate features several quality electrolyte sources, including coconut water, Aquamin marine-source minerals, selenium glycinate, magnesium biglycinate chelate, and for some vitamin C, there is a precise 333mg of acerola cherry. The electrolyte balance breakdown for those interested is mostly sodium and potassium with 350mg and 430mg, respectively, then you have 50mg of magnesium and 30mg of phosphorus, ending on a respectable total that falls just shy of the 900mg mark.

Genius Brand Genius Hydrate Label

You do get several servings in every tub of Genius Hydrate, giving fans of the Genius Brand the ability to scale up their serving to their preferred level of electrolytes, coming out at 1.3g or so in one and a half servings or 1.7g in a double. As mentioned, this is the long-running supplement company’s second time taking on the hydration space, the first being the still-available Genius Electrolytes, which Genius Hydrate has similarities to, although all-in-all, it is a solid step up in dosages and 50 servings instead of 30.

Genius Brand’s online store at is now stocking both flavors of its latest hydration innovation, Genius Hydrate, in the candy-inspired Sour Peach Rings and the traditional Blue Raspberry. The price of the product built specifically for hydration, performance, and recovery is $34.99, again, for a bottle of 50 servings. There are some additional ways to save with a bundle of two tubs, one of each flavor, saving you $5, or if you subscribe to receive it on a regular basis, the cost is $29.74 a piece.