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Got7 Protein Flips Review: Incredible Cheetos like protein snack

got7 protein flips review

So far, everything we’ve tried from the innovative European supplement company Got7 Nutrition has been pretty impressive. From its incredible Protein Chips to its delicious, Kit-Kat like Bahia Bar, the brand has nailed it at every turn. We’ve now got another one of its creative releases in for review, which once again only furthers Got7’s already strong reputation.

got7 protein flips review

Macro breakdown

Up for review today is the high protein, Cheetos-like snack, Got7 Protein Flips. Since its release, the product has only been available in the one flavor, with Brazilian Barbecue. Each bag of it features a fairly strong combination of macros with 12.8g of protein, 5g of fat, 22g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, and a pretty unbelievable sub 200 calorie total of 192.

Truly Cheetos like snack

Right out of the bag, the Got7 Protein Flips really amaze you with their consistency. They’re a dense, truly Cheetos like snack, that give you no reason to think you’re eating any kind of high protein product. There is no doughy, flat after taste, just an enjoyable guilt free experience. The Protein Flips aren’t quite as crispy as the real thing, but with more than 30% less calories and over three times as much protein as Cheetos, we doubt you’ll mind.

got7 protein flips review

Realistic BBQ flavor

The other major highlight of the Got7 Protein Flips is the flavor. On top of its impressive consistency, the protein filled snack also features a very realistic BBQ flavor, that further helps the creative product feel more like something you shouldn’t be eating. When you then combine the consistency and flavor of the Protein Flips, the pair creates a simply unforgettable experience, that could easily pass as something from the chips aisle.

got7 protein flips review

Guilt free, cravings crusher

Basically, the Got7 Protein Flips are definitely worth trying. The macros don’t necessarily make the supplement something you’ll want to have instead of a protein bar, but if you’re after a one off snack to crush cravings, a 50g bag will do the trick. The most impressive thing as mentioned is that the Protein Flips can easily pass as something you’d find in one of the usually unhealthier grocery store aisles, but instead you’re getting 12g of protein with less than 200 calories.

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