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Niagenix promising more than just weight loss and anti-aging


The most interesting supplement in BPI Sports’ upcoming GNC exclusive series, for us at least, has to be the anti-aging fat burner Niagenix. While weight loss in a product is something we have of course seen many times before, the anti-aging side is a lot more unique, especially since it’s mixed in with weight loss.

The more detailed list of effects for BPI’s new Niagenix actually includes a lot more than just fat burning and anti-aging. The overall experience also promises to deliver increased metabolism, enhanced focus, boosted energy and endurance, and appetite support.

To ensure it comes through on its unique mix of effects, BPI has packed Niagenix with 10 main ingredients. The entire combination comes wrapped up in a single proprietary blend, tipping the scales at 1.75g per two-capsule serving.

BPI Niagenix


As for what ingredients are Niagenix, from the top of its label to the bottom you have carnitine l-tartrate, quercetin, 300mg of caffeine, the patented anti-aging ingredient Niagen. Chlorogenic acids, alpha GPC, Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, saffron extract, and a Liposomal Delivery System to enhance absorption made up of phosphatidylserine and phytosterol.

Each bottle of BPI’s upcoming, Niagen infused Niagenix features a total of 60 capsules, working out to the usual 30 days supply. Like the rest of the brand’s GNC exclusive series, Niagenix is expected to be hitting shelves sometime over the next few weeks.

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