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BlenderBottle’s new Radian shaker also comes in glass and stainless steel

steel radian blenderbottle

In a surprise turn of events, there is actually a little more to BlenderBottle’s new Radian Shaker than we posted about earlier in the week. While the new product does have all the extra features we confirmed, the one thing we didn’t know is that the Radian BlenderBottle comes in a variety of materials.

The post we shared a few days ago was all about the plastic version of BlenderBottle’s Radian shaker. It turns out there are in fact two other types, that are both a lot more stylish. The all-new shaker also comes in stainless steel and a glass option wrapped in a silicone sleeve, with both versions having all of the same extra features as the plastic one.

steel radian blenderbottle

While the materials the other options are made out of are pretty exciting, the colors they come are where things get even more interesting. Firstly the glass Radian BlenderBottle comes in four of the same colors the plastic one does with Black, Plum, Deep Sea Green, and Pink. As for the cold hard steel Radian, that also comes in four colors but they’re a lot slicker with a natural chrome steel, black, white, and copper steel.

All of the new Radian BlenderBottles do appear to now be available through the brand’s website, including the glass and stylish stainless steel options. The regular version will cost you $16.99 a shaker, with the glass being slightly more at $24.99, and the steel the most expensive at $29.99.

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