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Altus Premier Nutrition getting ready to double in size with REMAXX

altus premier nutrition

Altus Premier Nutrition or more simply known as APN, is a relatively new supplement company based out of Los Angeles that currently has just the one product in its line-up. That product is MAXXOUT, a well put together pre-workout with a 100% transparent label, feautring the branded ingredients CarnoSyn beta-alanine and the premium PeakO2 performance blend from Compound Solutions.

While the pre-workout MAXXOUT is the only supplement the brand has available at the moment, APN is planning on doubling the size of its line very soon. It has revealed that a second product is on the way called REMAXX, which is going to be its entry into the world of recovery.

altus premier nutrition

Just like MAXXOUT, APN’s upcoming REMAXX is a packed out supplement, although at the same time it does keep things fairly simple. To deliver on its promises of boosting recovery and hydration, the product features a massive 8g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio, as well as organic coconut water and electrolytes.

You can find out a little more about Altus Premier Nutrition and its line of supplements on its website at You can also look forward to seeing the brand release its new REMAXX in just a few days time, as it is going to be available next week on Monday.