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Outlift Amped gets its first new flavor with Fruit Candy

fruit candy outlift amped

Following on from last week’s release of a new flavor for its clinically dosed pre-workout Outlift with Apple Watermelon. Nutrex has just released another new flavor for a different pre-workout, this time giving the attention to its Outlift spin-off Outlift Amped.

The latest launch from Nutrex is a Fruit Candy Outlift Amped, which is actually the supplement’s first new flavor as previously it had just the one Peach Pineapple option available.

You can already grab the Fruit Candy Outlift Amped direct from the brand’s website for its usually high price of $69.95 for a full-size 20 serving tub. If you’d prefer a lower price, just wait for it to hit retailers where you’ll be looking at a much nicer $40.

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