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Gamma Labs’ new pre-workout 24k featuring 2mg of gold per serving

gamma 24k

Gamma Labs is about to re-enter the pre-workout game with a new supplement called Gamma 24K. The brand is promoting the product as a strength formula, designed more for performance and training than its long running, and our favorite work energy formula, G Fuel.

The official list of effects Gamma Labs is promising for its upcoming 24K are increased energy, endurance, power, and extended mental focus. As mentioned the supplement is a performance based pre-workout formula, with a full list of 15 main ingredients to help it deliver on everything it promotes.

gamma 24k

The list of features behind Gamma 24K is quite lengthy with some of its biggest highlights being 2g of beta-alanine, 1.5g of citrulline malate, 300mg of caffeine, and a total of 2.75g of creatine from creatine HCl, monohydrate, and MaganPower.

To make 24K that little bit different Gamma Labs has also thrown in an ingredient that you probably won’t find in any other pre-workout. The product does in fact have genuine 24 karat gold in it listed on the label as gold flakes, at an exact dose 2.18mg per serving.

gamma 24k

While everything you need to know about the gold infused Gamma 24K has been released, the supplement itself is not yet available. Fans are however going to be able to get their hands on it in just a few days time, as Gamma Labs is officially launching it this coming Wednesday through its website.

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