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Genius BCAA mixes recovery and growth with energy and focus

genius bcaa

The first new Genius supplement to be previewed early last month was Genius BCAA, which is now about to be released. The brand is saying the product is going to be available sometime this week through Amazon, so to get fans ready it has finally revealed the formula behind the multi effect BCAA competitor.

As previously confirmed the new Genius supplement is an energy infused BCAA, meaning it does have a bit of stimulation to it. That isn’t actually the only extra feature to the product, as the brand has also thrown in a bit of increased focus making Genius BCAA a recovery, growth, energy, and focus formula.

genius bcaa

In total Genius BCAA has been packed with a total of seven main ingredients. The biggest of the lot is its 5g of vegan InstAMINOS BCAAs, included at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. The other features in the mix are 3g of glutamine, a gram each of taurine and citrulline malate (2:1), 250mg of Cognizin citicoline, 100mg of rhodiola, and 100mg of natural caffeine.

The all-new Genius BCAA has 21 servings per tub, and comes in just the one Power Orange flavor. The price on the supplement is going to be $34.99, although there is expected to be a discount available to celebrate its release.

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