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Genius Test a focus infused test booster with 3 trademarked ingredients

genius test

Following on from Genius Supplements’ big run this month, when it officially unveiled three all-new product with Genius BCAA, Genius Protein, and Genius Arginine. The smart brand has finished off this week with the introduction of another entirely new supplement called Genius Test.

The latest product to be unveiled by Genius Supplements is going to be its entry into the world of testosterone boosters. Genius Test does also sound quite unique, as the brand is promoting it with a number of different effects including increased mental clarity, libido and vitality, decreased stress, and improved mitochondrial energy.

As far as ingredients go for Genius Test, only three have been confirmed so far, which we do know isn’t all that’s in the product. Those three are the trademarked ingredients KSM-66 ashwagandha extract, LJ100 longjack, and PrimaVie purified shilajit.

Genius Test is not yet available but is said to be coming soon, much like Genius Supplements’ previously previewed Genius Protein.

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