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Magnum unveils Fixation, its upcoming joint support supplement

magnum fixation

You definitely have to go back a few months to see when Magnum last launched an entirely new supplement, although the last time it did we got a string of new releases. It was actually around this time last year that the brand introduced Carne Diem, as well as its nighttime fat burner After Burner, then lastly its water loss formula Drip Dry.

Magnum is now gearing up for its first entirely new product for 2017, which it has just dropped a preview of. The name of the upcoming release is Magnum Fixation, a supplement that will finally enter the brand into the joint support category.

Outside of Fixation’s name, the only other details we know about it are that it will have 96 capsules per bottle, with 746mg of ingredients in each capsule. Magnum is also actually planning on launching its joint formula in the second week of May, through our next Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo.

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